Eye Health Self-diagnosing Kiosk

My precious eyes,
Take care of your eyes with a NENOON KIOSK!

The beginning of healthy eye care


In the age of high technology, our eyes are exposed to electromagnetic waves and blue light hundreds of times a day. My Eyes Kiosk is the most advanced total digital icare solution for managing my eyes.

Core Technology of NENOON

The core technology of my eyes

Algorithm flowchart

Find a person’s face from the input image
of various tax components, such as eyes, nose, and mouth,

Find the natural language from the input image,
Identify the composition of natural language such as paragraphs, sentences, and words
recognition, locating text

Using a deep learning model
Through the location of the eyes and text
Determine if the left and right eyes are covered


Kiosk Features

Feature 01

Supporting the chart for eye health

Supports macular degeneration, near-field vision and presbyopia control metrics, and provides quick and comfortable service with fast and stable chart transitions.

Feature 02

Convenient designed kiosk stand

The height can be adjusted to suit your environment so that various types of inspections can be carried out systematically and conveniently.


Clear display

Clear images are always available in any lighting environment and accurate inspection is possible.

Various certificates

Configuring NENOON KIOSK Product


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