ISO13485 (ko)

IOS 13485 (en)

Research Department

Venture Business Confirmation

Gyeonggi-do Promising Small and Medium Business Certificate

Export Frontier Company Certificate

Direct Production Confirmation Certificate

Confirmation of Start-up Business

Certificate of designation as an export-doing dream company

Health functional food education certificate

NEST company selection award

Certificate of Excellent Job Invention Compensation Company

Nenoon medical Device Manufacturing Report

Mail order business report certificate(Seongnam Pangyo)

Mail order business report certificate(Daegu)

Medical device manufacturing license

Ajou University industry-academia cooperation family company signboard

Gyeonggi-do promising small and medium enterprise signboard

Bucheon University Industry-Academic Cooperation Membership Certificate

Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center Childcare Enterprise Certificate

Completion of Samsung Electronics C-lab accelerator program

Completion of Samsung Electronics Design Center training program

Completed the IBK Industrial Bank startup development program

Designation as a partner company by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

2024 Digital Usability Quality Certification (examination in progress)


Patent: Cell phone case and electronic device and control method using cell phone case

Patent: Multi-layer MLA structure, display panel, and image processing method for correcting user refractive error

Trademark registration certificate: PIXELRO

Trademark registration certificate: Phone Glass

Patent: Portable terminal with video comparison function and video comparison method

Patent: A device that accurately captures facial images within the recording area

Patent rights: Autofocusing device and its control method

Clinical Evaluation

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital eye health self-diagnosis solution medical device usability test

Researcher exploratory clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of the healing care NENOON kiosk at Korea University Ansan Hospital

Nenoon SW function test

Nenoon SW Functional Test Test Report

Empirical satisfaction evaluation based on Living Lab, an eye health AI self-diagnosis kiosk app for the elderly

Empirical evaluation of macular degeneration usability


2022 Heuglyong-gang Korea-China Global Startup Competition

2022 Korea-China Innovation Competition

2021 Big-Star Solver Platform 3rd (Biohealth) Competition

Selected as an excellent product at the 2020 Seoul Awards

Selected as an excellent product at the 2020 Seoul Awards

Selected as the best mid-term product of 2019

2018 Uiwang City Youth Job Award Commendation Plaque