Active hydrogen (H), hydrogen cations (H+), and oxygen ions
(O2-) are generated by discharging micro plasma (Plasma)

Active hydrogen (H), hydrogen cations (H+), and oxygen ions (O2-) are generated by discharging micro plasma (Plasma)

Needle-shaped electrode (-electrode)
  • Along with the generation of oxygen ions (O2-) by high voltage discharge, electrons on the electrode surface react with hydrogen cations (H+) generated at the +electrode to generate active hydrogen (H).
Plasma electrode (+electrode)
  • Hydrogen cations (H+) are generated by decomposing moisture in the air through micro plasma discharge.
Hydroperoxy radical (HOO-) generation
  • The generated active hydrogen (H) and oxygen ions (O2-) are combined to form hydroperoxy radicals (HOO-).

Viruses, germs, fungi eradication mechanisms

Hydroperoxy radicals (HOO-) surround and adsorb harmful substances floating in the air, and then destroy hydrogen bonds in the protein structure to sterilize and act as an antibacterial agent.

Main function 01
  • Surrounding the microorganism in which Peroxy radical (HOO-) is floating.
  • HOO- surrounds +charged floating pollutants (viruses, bacteria, molds, etc.).
Main function 02
  • Peroxy radical (HOO-) destroys hydrogen bonds in the protein structure on the surface of microorganisms and sterilize them.
  • Peroxy radical (HOO-), which reacted with hydrogen in the protein component on the surface of the virus, goes through moisture diffusion, returned to the air, and sterilized by cracks in the surface of the virus.

OH-radical neutralization mechanism

The formed active hydrogen (H) is combined with active oxygen (OH-radical) with strong toxicity and oxidation power in the air to neutralize and deodorize to be harmless to the human body.

Main function 01
  • Active hydrogen (H) generated in Zeus reacts with free radicals (OH-radical) and binds with it in a moisture state, reducing free radicals in the air.
Main function 02
  • It is the strongest oxidative substance among free radicals, causing skin aging and skin disease, and is a compound produced by reacting with harmful substances in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air.

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