Pixelro is ‘For a better future’ We strive to implement technology to improve human comfort.

In October 2017, pixelRo Co., Ltd. spin off from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and was recreated as a startup. The company develops and sells products using various digital convergence technologies for vision protection and readability improvement solutions and healing.

From children to students and middle-aged people, people spend a lot of time on smartphones or TV. Even when you think you are relaxing while lying on the couch or bed at night, your eyes are still working hard. Although display is advancing into 8K, high-definition AR, and VR day by day, screen time is increasing, and people start wearing glasses or experiencing symptoms of presbyopia at a young age. In response to too much screen time, we launched an APP that helps eye exercise or eye health, contributing to protecting eye health and raising awareness, and developed functional display solutions that keep eyes healthy with readability and presbyopia correction solutions that are linked to the APP.

We aim to develop a display solution that can provide clear images and comfort to your eyes even if you look at the screen for a minute.

Who we are looking for

People equipped with an
endless passion to challenge


People who make a difference
with creativity and innovation


People who take full responsibility
with integrity and moral sense

Brand logo
What the symbol stands for

It is a compound word of PIXEL, an expression representing the smallest unit of pixels (dots) in the picture, P of Purple, and Ro of 길 로(路) ‘meaning the road in Korean’ which means the path of the pixel.


#324ho, 26, Yatap-ro 205beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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