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#Ion Generator#Room temperature plasma method#Ion modules developed by Pixelro

Zeus modules

Product introduction

  • It reduces odor by two to three levels, and it is especially excellent for deodorizing pet odor due to the neutralization effect of active oxygen.
  • It completely removes bacteria and harmful fungi.
  • It removes allergens that cause allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, fever, and rash.
  • It neutralizes OH-radical, which is the most toxic active oxygen known to cause various diseases.
  • It is a safe technology that is harmless to the human body with a small amount of ozone generation (20ppb or less).

Ionized by pixelRo in korea

How does Zeus work?

How the Zeus module works

Product Specification

Model No. ZeusⅠ ZeusⅡ ZeusⅤ
Input Voltage 11.5 ± 0.5 [V] 11.5 ± 0.5 [V]
Current 80 mA ± 5 mA 20 mA ± 5 mA
Ion Genertaion Ion > 2 million/cc Ion > 2 million/cc
Ozone Ozone quantity < 20 [ppb] Ozone quantity < 20 [ppb]
Weight < 40 [g] < 20 [g]
It is more effective in humidity above 40%.

Excellent antimicrobial technology

Substance Pollutant Clearance
Antibacterial Escherichia coli 99.6% (6Hr.)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 99.1% (6Hr.)
Staphylococcusaureus 99.4% (6Hr.)
Deodorization Ammonia 92.3% (240min.)
Formaldehyde 89.2% (280min.)
Virus H1N1 virus A In progress
SARS virus In progress
Safety Inhalation toxicity Nontoxic
Ozone Less than 20 ppb


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