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#Ion Generator#Room temperature plasma method#Ion modules developed by Pixelro

Zeus modules

Product introduction

  • It reduces odor by two to three levels, and it is especially excellent for deodorizing pet odor due to the neutralization effect of active oxygen.
  • It completely removes bacteria and harmful fungi.
  • It removes allergens that cause allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, fever, and rash.
  • It neutralizes OH-radical, which is the most toxic active oxygen known to cause various diseases.
  • It is a safe technology that is harmless to the human body with a small amount of ozone generation (20ppb or less).

Ionized by pixelRo in korea

How does Zeus work?

How the Zeus module works

Product Specification

Input Voltage 11.5 ± 0.5 [V]
Current 80 mA ± 5 mA
Output Voltage (+) Output : 3.0 [kV] ± 10% , (-) Output : - 3.0 [kV] ± 8%
Ion Genertaion Ion > 2 million/cc
Ozone Ozone quantity < 20 [ppb]
Dimension 35(W) X 60[D] X 23[H] mm
Weight < 40 [g]

It is more effective in humidity above 40%.

Excellent antimicrobial technology

Substance Pollutant Clearance
Antibacterial Escherichia coli 99.6% (6Hr.)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 99.1% (6Hr.)
Staphylococcusaureus 99.4% (6Hr.)
Deodorization Ammonia 92.3% (240min.)
Formaldehyde 89.2% (280min.)
Virus H1N1 virus A In progress
SARS virus In progress
Safety Inhalation toxicity Nontoxic
Ozone Less than 20 ppb


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