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Eye care services created by a company specialized in eye care,
from eye exercise to eyesight measurement.

App for my eyes

“NENOON” an eye care platform service app

How much are you running, doing yoga, and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day for your eye health?


10 minutes of eye exercise a day

My eyes that suffered today, 10 years of healthy life by investing 10 minutes every day


Eye Age Measurement(Presbyopia)

Management starts with knowing your condition. How close are my eyes to presbyopia?

: When fixation changes from far to near, the crystalline lens varies its focal length (refractive power) in response to changes in the vergence of the incident light. It refers to a certain range of object distances for which the retinal image is as sharply focused as possible. The average amplitude of accommodation, in diopters, for a patient of a given age was estimated by Hofstetter in 1950 to be 18.5 – (0.30 * patient age in years) with the minimum amplitude of accommodation as 15 – (0.25 * age in years), and the maximum as 25 – (0.40 * age in years). However, Hofstetter’s work was based on data from two early surveys which, although widely cited, used methodology with considerable inherent error. (Donders, Sheard, Duane, Turner for reference)


Mobile eye exam

Eyesight test that can be done easily with my smartphone anytime, anywhere

: After measuring the distance of 40cm-3m, pixelRo shows the object matching the distance created by pixelRo to do its own test.


Macular degeneration(AMD) test

Early detection of AMD, the number one cause of blindness.

: After measuring the distance, if there is an error using the Amsler chart, mark it and perform self-diagnosis.


Verified eye information

Operate eye-related information magazines informed by specialists

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