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#Vision protection film#Smartphone film

Vivid film

Introduction of core technology

  • Reduce eye fatigue by controlling glare
  • Letters become more visible
  • Improve readability which helps with the initial stage of presbyopia (eyesight)
  • It depends on the degree of myopia, but it helps.
  • High transparency, pollution-proofing coating, safe shatterproof coating, UV protective coating
  • Application of Pixelro Co., Ltd’s own patented technology

Applied product

Galaxy seriesiPhone seriesHuawei XiaomiGoogle Pixel

Option specifications

BasicBlue lightAntimicrobial

Product specifications

The vivid film maintains the feel of touch with a thickness of less than 0.5 mm.

Design / Country of manufacture Material Component Thickness of film
Glass type PET type
South Korea Tempered glass/Urethane/PET Film, push board, wiping cloth, dust remover strip, and alcohol wipe ≒0.5mm / Strength 9H ≒0.45mm / Strength 3H
Design / Country of manufacture South Korea
Material Tempered glass/Urethane/PET
Component Film, push board, wiping cloth, dust remover strip, and alcohol wipe
Thickness of film Glass type : ≒0.5mm / Strength 9H
PET type : ≒0.45mm / Strength 3H


It is a patented product
with Pixelro’s proprietary technology

The corrective film can help improve readability for people with low vision

Patent application for multi-layer MLA structure for correcting the refractive index problem of user


Blocking 97% of harmful blue light that tires your eyes

NENOON vivid vision film reduces light scattering and smudging

It delicately corrects light sensitivity that causes eye discomfort


You can feel the color and clarity of the display as it is

It is wrapped with shatterproof coating to prevent it from being fragmented and can be used safely

It provides high transparency to look vivid


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