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Product introduction

  • It is suitable for personal use in residential space, office, public, and other spaces.
  • Removes orders and purifies the air
  • The Zeus ion module using the room temperature plasma method is built in.

Product benefits

Bacteria removalFine dustPollution purificationIon pairVirus removalAllergyOdor removal

Ionized by pixelRo in korea

pleasant and clean space with ion module 365 days

Air Processing & Performance

Product specifications

Model No. POP-XIW800
Input Voltage 110V / 220V AC adaptor (12V DC)
Power Consumption Max 18W
Color White
Ion Generation Ion < 2 milion/cc
Ozone Ozone quantity < 20 [ppb]
Dimension (W x D x H) 143 x 180 x 360 [mm]
Weight < 1.2 [kg]
Noise 30 ~ 35 dB
Area 27 m³
Certification KC, CE

Mold test results


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